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Neil Bird

Executive Advisor

With more than 35 years’ experience Neil has held senior supply management positions within high profile local, national, international, private and public companies.

He has worked extensively in the Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas and Building Materials industries.
Neil has experience in a range of business functions including Warehousing, Procurement, Sales and Marketing, Project Management, Contracts Administration, Logistics and Business Development.

During his time in Sales and Marketing Neil developed a strong sales team in industrial supply of engineering products and managed a strong marketing campaign that saw his company at that time become a key supply of line pipe, wellheads and control valves to the oil and gas industry in South Australia. This experience gave Neil an advantage when moving into the procurement, and logistics field having been previously on the selling side of the business.
Neil places special emphasis on the potential of the value add in hydrocarbons and the management of support services to ensure the delivery of cost effective operational outcomes.

The experience gained by being both a marketer and buyer has only enhanced Neil’s negotiation and overall team business development skills.
He has a continuing passion for instigation and management of change, within extremely competitive industries, developing cohesive and motivated teams committed to the achievement of group goals.

Neil delivers strong communication, proven leadership and managements skills, that collectively delivers results to the client.